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Gerês National Park – The Garrano Horse

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In a territory with such ancient boundaries, such as Portugal, and where the human presence is almost everywhere, there are not frequent wildlife sightings and when that happens, as this is the case, it is always an exciting moment.

Garrano is a breed of Iberian horses. We often tend to refer them as being Portuguese but the fact is that the animal knows no boundaries and they can be seen both on the Portuguese side and on the Spanish side because. On the Spanish side the Gerês is called Xures, very similar.

There are horses of small stature, often referred to as ponies, adapted to the harsh conditions of the Gerês and with working horse characteristics.

Is difficult to find the word to express how much I love seeing these animals in the wild, free as birds that fly over our heads or as the wind that sweeps these hills.

It's good to know they are no longer in danger of extinction as once they were, it is a sign that there is hope in the future of coexistence between humans and wildlife.

This was a moment to remember.

David Monteiro